Netkon Construction is Özok Group's company operating in the field of construction. In addition to the construction works carried out within the body of Özok Group, Netkon Construction produces projects that develop in line with the needs of the people of Cyprus and also performs construction and contracting works.
Our company continues its activities with the vision of providing quality and prestigious living spaces and being the first company that comes to mind when it comes to reliable construction company. Our company, which accepts customer satisfaction and expectations as a criterion; it shapes its activities accordingly by considering the customer as the most important asset.
Some of our construction references that we have made until today;
* Gönyeli Yenikent Villas,
* Netkon Apartment,
* Özok Furniture Headquarters,
* Özok Oto Plaza,
* Hasan ÖZOK Student Complex, which can serve 650 students in Eastern Mediterranean University Campus,
*Demirhan with 58 apartments and 4 shops RENK SITE, which adds a different meaning to ',' LIFE HOUSES in Demirhan,
* Campus Cyprus Student Dormitory, which is the first phase of the Özok Student City project to be located on 300 decares of land in the Lower Dikmen Region, dormitory social facilities,
* Bogazkoy YASAM VILLAS in the Kyrenia Bogazkoy region
As long as there is humanity in Cyprus, we will continue to build, because we get our strength from the quality of the work we do and most of all. Because Netkon Construction approaches every project it produces within the framework of a gift offered to people. If life is a gift offered to man, we want to give him the opportunity to spend his life in the most beautiful homes.

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